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Exalted Home Care, ArizonaExalted Home Care LLC provides services for individuals with developmental disabilities in Arizona. The service is home and community-based and provides the opportunity for each individual to obtain more independence in his or her daily life skills. Exalted Home Care LLC offers and provides support and training in interpersonal relations, social skills, behavior management, and daily living skills. Throughout the daily routine, Exalted Home Care ensures that the individual is immersed in a stimulating environment that is geared towards the individual’s specific needs. Activities are planned daily which are exciting and creative, thereby promoting the learning and growth of the individual. Each person has the opportunity to participate in community groups, community services, neighborhood activities, day programs, schools, or vocational programs that are appropriate to the individual’s needs. The program managers hired by the Company have Masters in Education or Bachelor's Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, and with no less than 5 years experience.

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